The premiere of Big Lies at the History Film Festival in Croatia, September 13

Big Lies selected for Europe Internationa Film Festival
Official Selection of Big lies for East Europe International Film Festival
September 15, 2019
Big Lies has been selected as a Semi-Finalist for the Australia Independent Film Festival (AIFF)
September 18, 2019

On September 13, 2019, the premiere screening of Big Lies took place in the Croatian city of Rijeka as part of the History Film Festival.

The film aroused great interest of the audience. The seaside city of Rijeka is famous for its turbulent history: only in the 20th century this city was part of territory of 8 different states! According to Film Director I. Runov, “that’s probably the reason for such a big interest and also – for audience concerns about the revival of worship of the personality of Stalin currently taking place in Russia.”